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Verman’s website – Terms of use

By using this website, you accept and commit to comply with these terms of use (“Terms”). Do not use this website if you refuse to accept and comply with these Terms. The Terms are applied to Oy Verman Ab’s (“Verman”, “we” or “us”) website as well as to the websites of Verman’s brands (together and individually “Verman’s website”). Please read these Terms through with care before using this website.
By using this website, you accept and commit to comply with the Terms that are applicable at each time. Verman has the right to change these Terms so we advise you to check them regularly.

Intellectual property rights

Verman’s website is protected as prescribed in relevant legislation. All rights to Verman’s website and its content will be reserved unless otherwise agreed in the Terms or the website. Copying, distributing or saving the website or its parts is forbidden without a prior written consent given by Verman. The prohibition does not apply to separately mentioned exceptions.
Verman’s resellers and partners may use the material bank and its content for commercial purposes whenever advertising the Verman products. In addition, the material bank content may be used for journalistic purposes, provided that the source of information will be mentioned.
The use of Verman’s website, including the material bank, content for purposes that are contrary to these Terms or good intentions of the user is forbidden. Notwithstanding the above mentioned, Verman’s website may be used for users own private purposes, such as for browsing, scanning and printing Verman’s website.

Product availability

Verman does not sell products directly for consumers. Therefore, products advertised on this website do not constitute an offer of sales. The availability and suitability of products need to be verified directly with an authorized reseller.


The whole content of this website is provided “as it is”. Verman is not responsible for any interruptions, dysfunctionality or unavailability of this website. Verman reserves itself the right to edit the content of this website or to fully or partially deny access to this web page. Verman has the aforementioned right at any time and without any prior notice.
Verman is not responsible for any third-party websites that this website might have a link to. When following such links to a website owned by a third-party, the user is aware that these Terms are no longer applicable to the use of a website owned by a third-party. Users are encouraged to read the terms of use of such third-party websites with care.
Verman is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages this website or its content might cause. Verman is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages its online service or the delay or dysfunctionality of the online service might cause. Verman is not responsible for any damages caused by data system, telecommunication disturbance or malware.

Information provided by a user

By providing material or information to Verman, for example via email or using the website-form, the user accepts and confirms that the user has the right to provide the material or information to Verman for free and without any costs. User shall reassure that the material or information is not contrary to good manners or otherwise unsuitable for use. User shall take all the reasonable actions to find and delete any viruses or otherwise harmful or destructive properties that the material or information might include.
Verman is not responsible for the content of the material or information its users might provide. Verman shall have the right to delete such material or information at any time.

Data Processing and cookies

Verman processes personal data in accordance with applicable laws. Verman uses cookies for the security of their website and to further improve personalized advertisement as well as to monitor the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns. Further information regarding data processing and cookies may be found at Verman’s cookie policy and data protection notice.

Applicable law

These terms of use are governed by, and shall be interpreted in accordance with, the laws of Finland.

Questions and notices

In case of any questions or notices on these Terms, please contact us via email